Is Toxic Self-Talk Making You Sick? Check for these 5 “Faulty Thoughts”

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  Our “self-talk” is that chatter that goes on in our head. It is that ongoing, internal dialogue, which pretty much directly reflects our conscious perceptions and reactions to events. Whether we realise it or not, we talk to ourselves all the time, and the impact of this dialogue on our mood, outlook and emotions, cannot be overstated. The way we perceive everyday events, and what we say to … Read More

Is E-Therapy The Way Forward?

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Online therapy, or e-therapy, is a rapidly growing industry, with many younger clients in particular, preferring to access counselling and mental health support via a range of online options. The growing trend in online psychological service provision seems timely, given that current statistics suggest most people have either personally experienced symptoms of anxiety or depression, or have had indirect exposure, through witnessing the struggle of … Read More

Overhaul Your Emotional Resilience in 5 Simple Steps!

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Are you emotionally overwhelmed with the demands of everyday life? Are you feeling totally drained by the stress of navigating relationships with others? Follow these 5 simple tips and bounce back from the emotional brink! 1. When you are feeling emotionally reactive, stop and reflect on instances in the past where you have shown resilience. Rather than allowing a situation, or the actions of others, to affect you in … Read More

Why You Can Always Trust A Narcissist… To Spoil Christmas

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Timely Advice for Dealing with the Narcissist in Your Midst This Festive Season… Have you ever struggled to know how to react when, year in and year out, a particular friend, work colleague, or family member, consistently manages to buy you the tackiest or least appropriate gift? Well, according to recent statistics on the prevalence of narcissism, chances are you’re … Read More

Do You Often Feel Nothing You Do Is Ever Good Enough? 5 Tips for Taming Perfectionism & that Critical “Inner Beast”

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Perfect versus good It could be said that perfectionism has become an obsession in the world we live in today. People want to achieve the perfect appearance, to have the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect relationship, and, when their expectations crash against reality, they feel lost, anxious and hopeless. Perfectionists often set impossible standards for themselves and, because … Read More

A Psychologist’s Struggle With Homelessness

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What Does it Feel Like to be Homeless? And Does Homelessness Early in Life Cause Permanent Trauma? For the majority of Australia’s population who, relative to many other nations, live comfortably buffered within their first world “bubble”, homelessness is not a situation or circumstance with which most would routinely expect to contend. Yet, for an increasing number of people in … Read More

Does Your Child Struggle With Anxiety?

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Try Our Top 10 Tips for Reducing Anxiety in Children By EQ Psychologist, Smita Arora       1. Keep the home environment relaxed in the mornings. Cut out screen time and, alternatively, make use of calm, low pitched, soothing instrumental music or a natural soundtrack during breakfast time, and as your child prepares for school. Help your child to learn to … Read More

How Do I Get Past My Anxiety About Seeing A Therapist? By Clinical Psychologist, Smita Arora

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It’s very normal to feel anxious when you meet a stranger, especially when you assume that that stranger is going to extract a significant amount of information about your life—your personal fears, thoughts, feelings, memories. Scary? Yes! For most people the thought of putting themselves through this is no doubt daunting at best. But the good news is that this … Read More