Is E-Therapy The Way Forward?

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Online therapy, or e-therapy, is a rapidly growing industry, with many younger clients in particular, preferring to access counselling and mental health support via a range of online options.

The growing trend in online psychological service provision seems timely, given that current statistics suggest most people have either personally experienced symptoms of anxiety or depression, or have had indirect exposure, through witnessing the struggle of a friend or loved one. In terms of common identifiable symptoms, these common disorders may present in many different forms, from subtle behavioural changes such as irritability, social avoidance, low mood, right through to chronic amotivation, sleep disturbance and a marked deterioration in daily functioning.

Progressive and flexible psychological and psychiatric service providers, like EQ Psychology, are recognising the urgent need for qualified online psychological services and supports. In particular, this mode of service provision can be an invaluable support for those who are either unable to access face to face therapy due to geographical or other constraints, or those simply preferring online service provision, such as the younger demographic, who frequently prefer to interact via electronic devices.

The internet is a potentially fertile environment for the expertise that psychologists offer in treating a range of mental health conditions, across a range of spheres.  As technological advances have led to a plethora of devices and virtual platforms, so too have the types of available psychological services that can be facilitated online. Currently, online therapeutic services are available in the form of teleconferencing, online treatment programs, apps, email, and online chatting. Yet, essentially the potential for online services as a resource that can be added to traditional treatment offerings, is as endless as the available options and the resources of the psychologist and the client.

Like other online services, e-therapy provides the benefit of a more convenient, accessible and instantaneous experience. For anyone crippled by the isolation or sense of disconnect which often characterises severe depression or anxiety, online psychological support may be a lifeline, and potentially a crucial step towards recovery.

With 1 in 4 people impacted by a mental health issue at some point over their lifespan, it is reassuring to know that professional psychological support is now as accessible as your keypad!

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